The Sly Hedgehog

The Sly Hedgehog

Big Stage, Small stage

1 hour 20 minutes with intermission

A playful performance in two acts.

Two stories telling about that you can and should stand up for yourself and your friends.

The first one happened to the girl Alenka and her curious gosling Dorofey.The treacherous Fox kidnapped the Gosling and hid it in the house to fatten him up and then eat. The house was also stolen. The Hedgehog used to be the owner of the house, and he was kicked out by a Fox. He was living under a leaky fly agaric... Everyone was tricked by the sly Fox! But with the help of our little viewers, Alenka and the Hedgehog are able to find a way to outwit the fox!

The second story is about the Hedgehog. Well, even the most superb champion should neither think very highly of himself nor make fun of his friends! Even if the world’s fastest Hare has the longest legs, and the Hedgehog’s legs cannot be seen at all from under the thorny coat!
«The Sly Hedgehog» is a playfull performance for the youngest ones. It’s about how the mind and ingenuity of the Hedgehog help save the Gosling from the treacherous Fox, and teach the bully Hare to be polite. Bright scenery — a green meadow, strewn with flowers, in the middle of a summer forest — invite little spectators and the main character the girl Alenka to get acquainted with the forest dwellers. Kind, charming puppets, an incendiary and dynamic plot of Gosling rescue story and the sports duel between the short-legged Hedgehog and the champion runner — the braggart and bully Hare.

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Premiere Date: 
27 June 1979


  • Alexey Sokolov recipient of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask"


Art director

Assistant Designer




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