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«Ali Baba and the forty thieves»
22.02.2019 12.30 «Ali Baba and the forty thieves» 6+

This fairy tale was born in the place where every day the sun is shining brightly and happily. This fairy tale was born in the beautiful East. For many years she travels around the world, hiding in hurdzhunah, hanging on the donkey’s Bekir back. His master is a humble Muzrab Agha – a puppeteer, or as in the East says – kugrchakboz – narrates us stories about good and evil, about different people living in the world – good and bad. But as in every real fairy tale - there are more good people – good always triumphs over evil.

«Christmas Eve»
22.02.2019 17.00 «Christmas Eve» 6+

The performances is staged after “The Night Before Christmas”, 
the first story in the second volume of the collection “Evenings on a Farm 
Near Dikanka” by Nikolai Gogol.

Wonderful stenography, expressive characters of the puppets and scenic effects open the winter scenery of   Dikanka, Ukraine , and perform  a magic night before Christmas.  
Since it is the night before Christmas you will see a witch flying across the night sky, the devil playing with the moon in the sky and the blacksmith Vakula  riding a small demon and flying into the sky  to St. Petersburg.
No doubt Vakula wins his beloved Oksana and to marry her.

 «Tigrik - Petrik»
23.02.2019 11.00 «Tigrik - Petrik» 0+

Tigrik Petrik is a name of a little tiger. This kind and polite baby tiger wants some … brave! And one day Tigrik Petrik set out on a search for it. 
During the searching Tigrik Petrik met rowdy, troublesome and braggart animals … And It turned out, that a nice Tigrik Petrik is far from cowardice. 

«The Marriage of Figaro»
23.02.2019 18.00 «The Marriage of Figaro» 16+

Following Beaumarchais, who adored all kinds of jokes and dressing,
Director Boris Konstantinov will show the well known play as… the first rehearsal
of the famous theatrical masterpiece. Traveling artists – puppeteers gathered
in a rustic burn to rehearse fashionable Comedy. They have to show it to the Spanish
grandee in his castle, who actually ordered this performance. The head of the artistic
troupe gives the actors their roles and starts to rehearse, attracting to the theatrical action… all horned, tailed and feathered inhabitants of the barn. The plot is unchanged! Figaro, the Count's valet is – happy! Today he is going to marry Suzanne, but the wedding worries turn into delicate situations, that change all the plans and drive all mad. The end of this story, you will learn, after watching the performance «The Marriage of Figaro».

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