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«Puss in boots»
19.04.2019 11.00 «Puss in boots» 6+

Performance in two acts after the fairy tale by Charles Perrault
Three sons received their father inheritance. The eldest brother gained the mill, and the middle brother attained the mules
The tale opens with the third and youngest son of a miller receiving his inheritance — a cat. The feline is no ordinary cat.
It is the beginning of a story telling us of a love for pets and naive  ogre.

«Gulliver’s Travels»
19.04.2019 16.00 «Gulliver’s Travels» 6+

Fantastic puppets variations after the roman of Jonathan Swift

A Britain writer of the XVIII century Jonathan Swift was an ardent admirer of the puppet theatre.
He wrote: 
«The life of man to represent, 
And turn it all to ridicule, 
Wit did a puppet-show invent…» 
A surgeon to the ship Mister Lemuel Gulliver has been telling us his singular adventures almost 300 years!
More than 50 specialty puppets were created for this performance: rod and flatbed puppets, machine puppets: giants legs, hands and head. 

«Don Kihot»
20.04.2019 18.00 «Don Kihot» 12+

Romancero with puppets.
Monsters, chimeras and dragons come alive in a puppet poem about the adventures of the knight Don Quixote.
And only the image of the Beautiful Lady will stay just a dream of the funny eccentric, tilting at windmills …
A poor nobleman Don Quixote, old and lonely eccentric, having read old chivalric romance, imagined himself…a knight errant. Putting a basin on his head instead of a helmet and arming himself with rusty sword and shield, he takes a peasant named Sancho Panza as his squire. He chooses, according knight custom, his “ladylove” – Dulcinea del Toboso – a peasant woman Aldonza. Mounting his horse, a skinny nag Rocinante, he takes a road to perform exploits in the name of his “ladylove”. He doesn’t want to make a difference between reality and fantasy, Don Quixote plays ridiculous and pathetic role: tilting at windmills, mistaking them for giants; wanting to protect the offended, he set free the prisoners. Sancho Panza named his beaten, bruised master – “Knight of the Rueful Countenance”. But without getting involved in a fight with the giants, how you will be able to understand what actually is mill … 

21.04.2019 11.00 «Maugli» 6+

The story of a human baby Mowgli, found himself in a wolf pack, started in the wild world of jungles. He had to pass a long way full of difficulties and challenges before he defeat the terrifying tiger Sher – Khan and wily jackal Tobacco. They have always believed that the weak will always become a prey for strong. Noble Akela, the leader of a wolf pack, wise bear Baloo, loyal Panther Bagheera always believe that the law of the jungle is different – «we are the same blood, you and I». This is the main reason why they saved and raised human baby Mowgli - taught him to be kind and courageous, showed him how to defeat evil. And «the wolf from free tribe»
becomes a man. «Good hunting to you, little brother!»
Play «Mowgli» for the puppet theatre created by the famous playwright Nina Gernet, author of many popular plays for puppet theatre, including «the Goose» and «the Magic lamp of Aladdin». Not only once, our theatre turned to her romantic fairytale «Mowgli». In 1945 Sergey Obraztsov and Victor Gromov staged a performance that becomes a legend of the puppet theatre. His artists were Boris Tuzlukov and Valentin Andrievich. For many years the performance stayed as one of the best in the repertoire of the theatre. 
In 1987 director Vladimir Kusov and artist Vladimir Garbuzov re – staged «Mowgli». The inhabitants of the jungle were playing by puppets; the world around them was shown by video projection. 
The new stage version of this wonderful play – is our dedication to these famous Obraztsov artists. 

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