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«Puss in boots»
16.01.2021 11.00 «Puss in boots» 6+

Performance in two acts after the fairy tale by Charles Perrault
Three sons received their father inheritance. The eldest brother gained the mill, and the middle brother attained the mules
The tale opens with the third and youngest son of a miller receiving his inheritance — a cat. The feline is no ordinary cat.
It is the beginning of a story telling us of a love for pets and naive  ogre.

«Ray of Sunlight»
16.01.2021 16.00 «Ray of Sunlight» 6+



A Performance directed by Sergey Yagodkin based on the play by – A. Popesku tells an extraordinary story that happened in an ordinary house.

Once upon a time, in a basement, there lived a little mouse named Muff. He arranged a cozy nest for himself out of things people deemed unnecessary, he felt warm and safe. However, everything changes when a porcelain ballerina named Peet – a thing most favored by the owners – appears in the basement. How did she get there? Is this the end of her life or the beginning of something new?





16.01.2021 19.00 «Turandot» 16+

"Turandot" – for adults only 16+

The premier on the big stage

Carlo Gozzi An Ancient China story, played under the Venice bridge in the moon light…

Where better to tell a fairy tale then at puppet theatre? For children we are presenting Andersen’s stories, for adults – theatrical fiabas of Carlo Gozzi. When going to “Turandot”, you will take a walk along Venice and discover the way how one unknown wanderer could become a beloved of the most iron-hearted beauty!

Following up Gozzi, Boris Konstantinov, the director, and Victor Antonov, the artist, made up a magic China, located under the Venice bridge. The story tells about the Princess Turandot and the Unknown Prince (Calaf). Flying arrows and towns fire, refined tortures and tempting bond-maids! Princes, going crazy for love… «I wish death or Turandot». Following the heart and overcoming tricks of fortune, puppet heroes trying “come out dry”!

«Our Chukokkala»
17.01.2021 11.00 «Our Chukokkala» 0+

A theatrical album in two acts staged after the fairy tales of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky : «Phone»,  «Cockroach», «Moidodyr», «Barmaley»

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