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«Head Over Heels»
18.06.2019 11.00 «Head Over Heels» 0+

Trough the fairy - tales of the British writer Donald Bisset you will be pleased to learn of the lionet Sam, G and Bulldozer fighting on the Sam’s bed, cute animal Crococote, a tiger Bert that lost its stripes and a story of the missed birthday…
“Head over Heels” directed by Igor Ignatiev one of the best directors of the puppet theatres. Igor Ignatiev is an Art Director of the St. Petersburg puppet theatre “Skazka”, many of his performances became laureate of the Russian and International Prizes. “The Nutcracker and the Mouseking” won the Russian National Theatre Award “The Golden Mask” in 2000. “Head Over Heels” designed by Anna Ignatieva. She also received an Award “The Golden Mask” in the nomination “The Best Designer of the Puppet Theatre”.

«Puss in boots»
19.06.2019 12.30 «Puss in boots» 6+

Performance in two acts after the fairy tale by Charles Perrault
Three sons received their father inheritance. The eldest brother gained the mill, and the middle brother attained the mules
The tale opens with the third and youngest son of a miller receiving his inheritance — a cat. The feline is no ordinary cat.
It is the beginning of a story telling us of a love for pets and naive  ogre.

 «The blue bird»
20.06.2019 14.00 «The blue bird» 6+
21.06.2019 19.00 «Leningradka» 12+

The Great Patriotic War. Blockade of Leningrad. Little girl Valya suffers the most terrible days of her life. 
The spectator steps into the world of fantasy and reality – the world of a child. Appeared from imagination - the images are full of warmth, kindness and immortality – a dream or reality. Thanks to puppets synthesis, military personnel chronicles, animation and cinema these images materialize into a story.  
The house is destroyed.  Wardrobe – is the only refuge in a bombed – out house.  But when those who love and protect you are next to you, even only in your illusions and imagination, your defender - brownie, which drives away all your fears – you’ll survive and continue living with a great gratitude to those who held out and built a house without war. House without war, piece without war, all the children must have a childhood and right to live in piece – the main author’s idea of the performance.     
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask», performance «Leningradka» renewed on the Small stage of the Obraztsov Theatre.  

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