Peter Pan and Wendy


Peter Pan and Wendy

Большой зал

2 hours, with intermission

A hymn to childhood, dreams, love and all mothers.

“The window must always be left open for them, always, always…”

In pursuit of miracles and adventures, making discoveries and feats, even as adults, we understand that the main power in us is the power of mother's love: it gives wings to Peter Pan and Wendy.
In Boris Konstantinov's production based on J. Barry's novel “Peter Pan and Wendy” about a daring boy who refused to grow up, and a girl from a respectable family, a third main character appears: The Mother. Mom's unconditional love and faith that the children will definitely return and … grow up.
Many types of puppets are used in the production – rod and bunraku puppets, masks and tantamaresques. The bright music of Albina Shestakova is performed live. Artist Rosita Raud created dynamic multi-level sets.
A fabulously mischievous performance for children and adults – everything here is pretend and everything is for real!
Дата премьеры: 
21 июля 2022



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