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«Hedgehog summer»
«Hedgehog summer»

In a big woolen ball made of color threads leaved dreamy romantic Hedgehog and happy little Bear. How the summer is going? Together with the little Bear friend – playfully. Or very quiet, on tiptoe… Under the rain… Or flies on wings? In a dream of a beautiful Chamomile…The small inhabitant of the forest - Hedgehog - is a poet – he inspires the world around and reveals its unique beauty. His friend is a little Bear. A real friend. Enthusiastically, he follows Hedgehog’s ideas, sometime laughing on him – «a poet in a prickly fur coat». Hedgehog offended at him: «always, when you fly, I’m just waving my wings».  Not sparing his paw, he rushes to find missing Hedgehog. And he understands the main thing:»if the Hedgehog doesn’t invite how to wipe the stars, no one would be able to see them». 
This is a very soulful and lyrical performance -   true story about friendship between Hedgehog and a little Bear, so different, but very important to each other. Few tales about the Hedgehog and the little Bear, composed by wonderful writer Sergey Kozlov - have created this performance, performed by Olga Belenkova and directed by Andrey Luchin. 

Author of the play – Andrey Luchin
Stage designer – Alexander Ligusov
Puppet designer – Oleg Ermakov
Composer – Nikolai Shamshin
Duration of the performance 50 minutes with no intermission.  

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