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«Aladdin and the Magic Lamp»
«Aladdin and the Magic Lamp»

A piece by Nina Gernet, a classical puppetry playwriter, was written after Arabian fairy tales «One thousand and one nights». Initially this romantic love story was addressed to adults.
«Aladdin’s Magic Lamp» is one of the most wonderful performances of the Obraztsov Theatre. You will see an oriental city with the golden palaces, 
a parade of marvelous rod puppets, a fabulous transformations and a magic fantasy. You will meet with severe Genie and the Lion - the Lord of desert. You will enjoy a romantic love story of Aladdin and the princess Budhur. A brave Aladdin entered the struggle for the love with the insidious Vizier and fought through every hardship.
We celebrated the 70th anniversary of «Aladdin’s magic lamp» in 2010 year.


Produced by S.Obraztsov, 
Directed by O.Ushakova
Designed by B.Tuzlukov
Puppets of animals – E.Gvozdeva, N.Solntsev
Music - G.Teplitsky 
Dance – A.Gaziants
Playing tambourine consultant – F.Shamsutdinov

Premiere — 1940, October, 1
Duration – 1 h 30 min

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