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"Turandot" – for adults only 16+

The premier on the big stage

Carlo Gozzi An Ancient China story, played under the Venice bridge in the moon light…

Where better to tell a fairy tale then at puppet theatre? For children we are presenting Andersen’s stories, for adults – theatrical fiabas of Carlo Gozzi. When going to “Turandot”, you will take a walk along Venice and discover the way how one unknown wanderer could become a beloved of the most iron-hearted beauty!

Following up Gozzi, Boris Konstantinov, the director, and Victor Antonov, the artist, made up a magic China, located under the Venice bridge. The story tells about the Princess Turandot and the Unknown Prince (Calaf). Flying arrows and towns fire, refined tortures and tempting bond-maids! Princes, going crazy for love… «I wish death or Turandot». Following the heart and overcoming tricks of fortune, puppet heroes trying “come out dry”!


Director – Laureate of the Russian National theatre award “Golden Mask” Boris Konstantinov

Stage designer - honored artist of Russia Victor Antonov

Music by Katya Mitz

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