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Vladimir Odoevsky
Fairy tale in 2 acts 

The story opens a seaside  palace of the beautiful Tsar - Maiden and her birthday day. That day many uninvited  guests came there: the Chinese Imperator, the Greek King Odyssey, the knight arrant of Biribi and other heroes. 

This story is the first that had been published in Russia for the puppet Theatre. It was written in 1837 and never staged before. 
A prominent Russian  writer Vladimir Odoevsky published this story specially for the puppet theatre. He became known as the "Russian Faus".
Odoevsky wrote a  story – puzzle for children. He made a muddle of the heroes, periods, costumes absolutely intentionally. Viewers have a chance to be involved into the puppet story about Tsar Maiden and to take part in it and unriddle all the puppet rebuses. 

Music for the performance was written by Vladimir Odoevskiy himself .

Directed by Nikolay Shishkin and Vladimir Berkun
Designed by the Honoured Artist of Russia, the  laureate of the State Prize 
of Russia Elena Lutsenko 
Music by Vladimir Odoevsky and Nikolay Shamshin
Ballet-mistress – Nina Litvar

Photographs made by M. Guterman

Premier – 2010 , October 9
Duration – 1 h. 15 min.

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