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«The old Seigneur and…»
«The old Seigneur and…»

For the first time on the stage of the Central State Academic Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov
In the year of «Marquez in Russia» performance  
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» 
(«best actor in a puppet theatre»), 
Award winner of the Union of theatre workers of the Russian Federation 
«Hit of the season», 2014
Three stories about how in ordinary life suddenly happiness appears. By chance
or by lot of fate, each of the characters becomes happy.  It all starts with an unusual meeting - mysterious, mystical, breathtaking…   
These stories – parables for the first time is told using the language of the puppet theatre, which is even harder than in the dramatic theatre, as the actor has to express his thoughts, feelings, emotions through the puppet, subject, object. The actor becomes the partner of the puppet, thanks to which her «body» becomes alive.
And at the same time the actor becomes its soul – because it’s the same for two. The puppets in the performance are unique – puppets from which «took out» strings, where rods and hands of actors replaced it. The puppets are made very realistic, in human growth, but at the same time, without hiding their «puppet» nature: all the joints and knuckles of the puppets are visible. «Black masking» helps to realize the connection between the actor and puppet, it gives the possibility of cinematic «close up», the light selectively gives first the «face» of the puppet, then the plasticity of the actor’s hands, then the fragment of the stage.        
The live melody of the saxophone creates that special mood on the stage. In this way puppet theatre shows a human metaphor – the puppet in the hands of divine destiny. Where the reality transforms into a real magic.     
Idea, production and scenography – Viktor Nikonenko, one of the best artists of the Russian theatre, Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask». More than thirty years of successful work – scenography of 80 plays by Shakespeare and Platonov, Vampilov and Shergin in dramatic, musical, puppet theatres in Russia and abroad. His performance «the Bear» vaudeville by Anton Chekhov awarded by «Golden Mask» 2011 and multiple awards at international theatre festivals in Russia, Finland, Serbia.  
This creative world of Viktor Nikonenko combines metaphor and poetry, grotesque and humor and comes close to what is called «magic realism» of Marquez. 
All three novels are presented like mini – performances, the first of which is in the genre of melodrama, the second - satirical and the third is shown like lyric concert. 

Idea, production and scenography – Viktor Nikonenko, 
the laureate of the National theatre Award «The Golden Mask»
Play for puppet theatre - Viktor Nikonenko, 
the laureate of the National theatre Award «The Golden Mask»,
Sergey Plotov, Nina Monova
Music by Aleksey Kozlov, the laureate of international competitions
Nikolay Shamshin
Plastics directed by Vladimir Ananyev
Technologist-designer – Alexander Ligusov
Assistant of staging director – Dmitriy Chernov, Honored Artist of Russia
Saxophone solo – Ivan Dyma, laureate of international competitions
Vocal – Monica Santoro (actress of the Moscow theatre «P.N. Fomenko Workshop»)
Premier – 2012, November, 24

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