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«Ray of Sunlight»
«Ray of Sunlight»


A Performance directed by Sergey Yagodkin based on the play by – A. Popesku tells an extraordinary story that happened in an ordinary house.

Once upon a time, in a basement, there lived a little mouse named Muff. He arranged a cozy nest for himself out of things people deemed unnecessary, he felt warm and safe. However, everything changes when a porcelain ballerina named Peet – a thing most favored by the owners – appears in the basement. How did she get there? Is this the end of her life or the beginning of something new?

“This is a performance about the darkest night that comes before dawn. Night symbolizes offenses that you can get past and forgive a person. And dawn is a ray of sunlight that helps to see one’s neighbor, and thereby destroy his and one’s own loneliness”, - director Sergey Yagodkin.

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Director - Sergey Yagodkin

Stage and puppet designer – Mikhail Krivenko

Performed by Distinguished Cultural Figure of the Russian Federation Olga Belenkova-Shesterikova and Renat Shaymardanov

Museum Visits are not foreseen.

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