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«The Snowman»
«The Snowman»

In memory of Nikolay Shishkin

Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» 
(«best actor in a puppet theatre» and «best artist in a puppet theatre»).
Naïve theatre.
Based on the fairy tale of Hans-Christian  Andersen  «The Snowman». 

Chamber performance based on Andersen’s fairy tale «The Snowman» was created
by director Boris Konstantinov and artist Eugenia Shahotko. 
The audience can see how the winter landscape alive through the hands of master – puppeteer (actor Andrey Nechaev). 
The lights are turned on in the fancy house surrounded by trees covered with snow. Shouting merrily the boys glide down the frozen lake, the skate and slide down the snowy hillside. With children’s games begins the story of the Snowman who was made by these cheerful boys. The newborn Snowman discovers the sky, the sun,
the moon, the people and houses for the first time. He meets a friend – an old grumpy dog. He learns to dream and dreams of love. And falls in love with … the kitchen Stove…
Artist Eugenia Shahotko created beautiful winter landscape. House near the lake, in the distance the silhouettes of urban buildings, the spire of the town hall, mill. Puppet landscape during the performance becomes like a live – ice patterns cover the frozen lake surface, decorate the windows of houses.  Birds flit among the trees.  The house turns around and we see a baby in a cradle, a lady playing the piano, a gentlemen reading the newspaper, a kitchen with a housekeeper and the stove which gives cozy warm light. After the sun, the moon and the stars appear, night and day follow each other.  After winter comes spring. The snow will melt and little paper boats will float on the surface of the lake…

Director –
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Boris Konstantinov
Stage designer –
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Eugenia Shahotko
Technologist - Alexander Ligusov
The storyteller -
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Andrey Nechaev

The premier took place on the 28 of September, 2011.

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