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Fantasies based on D. Defoe

Robinson ... Once the writer Daniel Defoe gave this name to his hero. The hero became world known, and the name turned into a common noun - a symbol of solitude, perseverance, overcoming and survival. Director Ekaterina Obraztsova tells the story of Robinson with the help of clownery and puppets. In extreme circumstances a person can become, either an optimist or pessimist, so two clowns - a funny and a sad one, embody the main character. This is not a literal recreation of the book, but rather a fantasy. A game that asks the audience many questions and, in order to solve those, one has to think quite hard for himself.

Tickets available at the theater and online.

Director – honored actress of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Obraztsova  
Stage and puppet designer – Tatyana Reva
Director of clownery – honored actor of the Russian Federation Andrey Sharnin
Composer  – Ekaterina Chevskaya

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