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«Gulliver’s Travels»
«Gulliver’s Travels»


Fantastic puppets variations after the roman of Jonathan Swift

A Britain writer of the XVIII century Jonathan Swift was an ardent admirer of the puppet theatre.
He wrote: 
«The life of man to represent, 
And turn it all to ridicule, 
Wit did a puppet-show invent…» 
A surgeon to the ship Mister Lemuel Gulliver has been telling us his singular adventures almost 300 years!
More than 50 specialty puppets were created for this performance: rod and flatbed puppets, machine puppets: giants legs, hands and head. 

«… Marvellous puppets, theatricals with scales are very important for the story of Gulliver that found himself in countries of Lilliput and then in the world of Giants; spectacular mechanical facilities shows the way a huge Gulliver’s head is fed with the help of special machine and eats bread, chickens and other food» 
(Grigoriy Zaslavakiy, “Culture” 2008, November 12-17)


Authors – B.Goldovskiy, E. Obraztsova
Produced by the honoured artist of the Russian Federation E.Obraztsova 
Directed by А. Beshchikov, V. Glushkov
Designed by – People Artist of Russia S.Alimov
Music by Honoured Arts Worker of Russia A. Zhurbin
Songs writer - Honoured Arts Worker of Russia B. Kirkin
Plastic Arts Director – А. Shchukin
Choreography – I. Philippova
Premier – 2008, October, 29
Duration – 1 h 40 min
Photographs made by V. Shults

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