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«Upon the Pike's will»
«Upon the Pike's will»

Piece by E.Tarakhovskaya after Russian Folktales
2 acts
- We love our “Pike” because of the pithiness and elegancy. The idea of our performance is based on the Russian folktale about Emelya. A Pike told him about the “magic words” that made all the wishes come true. By will of the Pike, does as Emelya likes - sledge goes home without horses, the wood chopped by itself, and Unsmiling Tsarevna Nesmeyana marries Emelya upon his will.
Funny glove puppets, a golden smiling sun on the round folding screen and many other techniques gladden the spectators during 75 years.

Directed by Sergey Obraztsov
Decoration and puppets – S.Obraztsov and V.Terekhova
Mechanical puppets – N. Solntsev
Music by V. Kochetov
Premier – 1936, November 13
Duration – 1 h. 20 min.
Photographs made by V. Shults

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