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«Extraordinary concert»
«Extraordinary concert»

The most popular puppet show of XX century!

«Extraordinary concert» is a comic puppetry revue, where all the puppets parody artists of different genres: vocalists and singers, dancers and musicians, circus tamers and magicians. This performance has visited hundreds Russian cities and more than 40 countries of the world.  It has been listed in the Guinness World Records for the biggest amount of spectators. A concert has a great success among the viewers in our days.
A master of ceremonies is a puppet Eduard Aplombov. He has a talent to make people laugh and he loves an endless applause. Eduard Aplombov is a unique polyglot: he can joke using 24 foreign languages, including farci and hindi. 
He is inimitable and fascinating!
Do not take his words seriously!


Idea – S. Obraztsov, А. Bondi, Z. Paperny, Z. Gerdt, 
S. Samodur, V. Kusov
Produced by S. Obraztsov, S. Samodur
Directed by V. Kusov
Choreography  – S. Samodur
Art Director – V.Andrievich
Costume Designer - N. Shnaider, V. Andrievich
Designers – V. Garbuzov, B. Knertser, 
P. Kuznetsov, V. Fliorin
Music by – Y. Saulsky, L. Solin, G. Teplitsky,  
I. Shakhov, I. Yagodin, I. Yakushenko

Premier – 1946, June, 19 
2nd edition – 1968, March, 26

Duration – 2 h

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