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Our unique performance «Baby» is dedicated to the youngest spectators from 1,5 to 3 years old. The authors of the performance, Yuri Ustugov and Olga Ustugova, practically without words, show us stories, which are very exciting and fascinating for the kids. It’s an incredible fantastic story about wonderful forest with its unusual inhabitants, about the origin of life and living beings, about the birth of a Baby. Thanks to the emotions, images and tactile sensations, using the language of colors and sounds, rhythms and movements our little spectators can follow the story. It’s an extraordinary show, where you can fantasize and think creatively. Young children can be endless creative. Among different forest inhabitants – insects, snails, animals and birds – they can observe how a little Baby born - appears. He learns to walk; he is crying and playing. The audience is happy to be involved in this game, because there is no «forth wall» between them and the actors. Together they start creating the performance. 
The performance is specially made for children up to 3 years old, based on specific perception of the child.  The theatrical space is not divided into the auditorium and the stage. The kids, together with their parents, are like «inside» the performance – the action takes place around and together with them. Our performance is interactive and involves the audience participation. Puppets, natural materials, optical effects, multimedia and sand show – all of this is used in the show. Specially created music sounds in the performance – the author’s arrangement by Edvard Greig, Amadeus Mozart, Maurice Ravel. Before the beginning, the spectators have possibility to play with special toys which are directly connected with the performance – it helps to tune in to the show.  Then they enter the hall; sit down on a soft floor and the show begins – a story about the birth of a little Baby, who grows before our eyes and growing up, goes to a great journey, and enters upon life.    

Authors - Yuri Ustugov and Olga Ustugova
Director – Yuri Ustugov
Stage designer – Olga Ustugova
Composer – arranger Eugenie Astafurov
Puppet designer – Sergey Kuzmin


For 10-12 children together with their parents
Duration of the performance 50 minutes with no intermission
You have to take off your shoes and shoes of your kid before entering the hall. 

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