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«Vaska the Cat and the friends»
«Vaska the Cat and the friends»

The young spectators and their parents can watch a story, created on the basis of the Russian fairy tales written by Vladimir Lifshits. It is almost suspenseful detective story.
Once upon a time there live an old man and an old woman. One day they cooked tasty pancakes and wanted to make a feast of them, but suddenly sour cream disappeared! How to guess where is it?
An interesting puppet performance for children, directed by the honoured artist of Russia Andrey Dennikov – a laureate of “Triumph” Award, is a funny musical fairy tale about the adventures of the cute Vaska the Cat and its friends.
Cat, Lamb, Cock-a-doodle-doo, an old man and old woman – all these puppets play a story about  the tricky Cat, its faithful friends and their adventures.


Lyrics, stage director and puppet designer – honoured artist of Russia Andrey Dennikov
Music by – Maxim Levedev
Art Director – Tatiana Reva

Premier – 2001, December 21
Duration - 1 h. 20 min.

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