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«Cute Hedgehog»
«Cute Hedgehog»

Stage play in two acts
This performance tells two stories about the bravery and how to stand up for oneself and for your friends.
The first story is about Alyonka and her curious Goose Dorofey. An artful Fox stole and hid a Goose in a stolen House. A cute Hedgehog lived in this House, but an artful Fox kicked Hedgehog away. With the help of small viewers Alyonka and Hedgehog found a way to wrap an artful Fox around finger!
The second story tells about honour and dignity and teach never peacock and laugh at your friends!
 “Cute Hedgehog” is a performance for the youngest spectators. Green forest , lovely flowers and other colorful decorations invite our small spectators together with Alyonka to the magic world and meet with the forest dwellers.
You will enjoy kind and charming puppets, inspiring and dynamic story!


Produced and directed by Sergey Obraztsov
Director Assistant – B. Kaushanskiy
Stage designer – A. Speshneva
Designer assistant – V.Garbuzov
Music by M. Dunaevskiy
Premier – 1979, June 27
Duration – 1 h. 20 min.

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