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«The Marriage of Figaro»
«The Marriage of Figaro»

Performance – rehearsal by comedy
of Pierre - Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais «The Marriage of Figaro».
«The Marriage of Figaro» goes on the stage for more than three centuries.
The author skillfully spun the spring of the intrigue, filling the action with irony
and mischief. Following Beaumarchais, who adored all kinds of jokes and dressing,
Director Boris Konstantinov will show the well known play as… the first rehearsal
of the famous theatrical masterpiece. Traveling artists – puppeteers gathered
in a rustic burn to rehearse fashionable Comedy. They have to show it to the Spanish
grandee in his castle, who actually ordered this performance. The head of the artistic
troupe gives the actors their roles and starts to rehearse, attracting to the theatrical action… all horned, tailed and feathered inhabitants of the barn. The plot is unchanged! Figaro, the Count's valet is – happy! Today he is going to marry Suzanne, but the wedding worries turn into delicate situations, that change all the plans and drive all mad. The end of this story, you will learn, after watching the performance «The Marriage of Figaro».

Director –
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award “Golden Mask” Boris Konstantinov
Stage designer - honored artist of Russia Elizabeth Dvorkina Assistant
Stage designer – Muse Co
Puppet designer -
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award “Golden Mask” Victor Antonov
Composer - Vladimir Pliss Choreographer - Natalia Petrova-Rudaya
Director of fencing scenes – Andrey Nazarenko. 
Premier – 2014, December, 20

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