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«Ali Baba and the forty thieves»
«Ali Baba and the forty thieves»


This fairy tale was born in the place where every day the sun is shining brightly and happily. This fairy tale was born in the beautiful East. For many years she travels around the world, hiding in hurdzhunah, hanging on the donkey’s Bekir back. His master is a humble Muzrab Agha – a puppeteer, or as in the East says – kugrchakboz – narrates us stories about good and evil, about different people living in the world – good and bad. But as in every real fairy tale - there are more good people – good always triumphs over evil.

Director –
Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Boris Konstantinov
Stage designer - honored artist of Russia Victor Platonov
The fairy tale performed by –
Alexandr Zakhariev, Khalisya Bogdanova, Shakhnoza Allayarova

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