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«The Scarlet Flower»
«The Scarlet Flower»

Russian folk tale written by Sergey Aksakov
A fairytale for the whole family.
The youngest merchant’s daughter couldn’t even imagine how her big dream would become true. From far overseas countries her father brought her the promised gift – the desirable scarlet flower, which was the most beautiful flower in the world. The merchant gave his word of honor and had to pay a great price for it. To save her father from all misfortunes, - she left her birthplace voluntarily, expecting to find herself on a mysterious island, in a wild thicket.
But miraculously she saw an entranced beautiful garden, with never yet seen animals – birds, where the scarlet flower brightly shined. Where the host is a terrible Beast…
One of the reasons why the Theatre decided to stage the famous story of the Russian writer Sergey Aksakov - is to tell us about true love and big sacrifice, that a kind heart can do miracles. In the performance of Boris Konstantinov  -  simple human feelings, loving care and sincere compassion creates the entranced garden and determine the fate of the terrible host.  

Author and Director - Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Boris Konstantinov
Stage designer - Laureate of the Russian National theatre award «Golden Mask» Viktor Nikonenko
Costume designer – Ilaria Nikonenko
Duration of the performance 1 hour 5 minutes with no intermission.

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