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«The Scarlet Flower»

The youngest merchant’s daughter couldn’t even imagine how her big dream would become true. From far overseas countries her father brought her the promised gift – the desirable scarlet flower, which was the most beautiful flower in the world. The merchant gave his word of honor and had to pay a great price for it. To save her father from all misfortunes, - she left her birthplace voluntarily, expecting to find herself on a mysterious island, in a wild thicket.
But miraculously she saw an entranced beautiful garden, with never yet seen animals – birds, where the scarlet flower brightly shined. Where the host is a terrible Beast…
One of the reasons why the Theatre decided to stage the famous story of the Russian writer Sergey Aksakov - is to tell us about true love and big sacrifice, that a kind heart can do miracles. In the performance of Boris Konstantinov  -  simple human feelings, loving care and sincere compassion creates the entranced garden and determine the fate of the terrible host.  

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«Divine Comedy»

«Our Divine Comedy has no relation to an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri. Our Divine Comedy was written by the dramaturge Isidor Shtok. 
The idea of the performance is based Jean Effel’s paintings “The Creation of the World”. Effel's paintings are easily readable, fresh, humorous and novel,  and show the author's view of the world creation. Using  iconographic scenes оur performance opens a story of fall from grace. 
The God created Adam and Eve and settled them in the Heaven. They lived there very good, but only one thing the life in Heaven is boring. Animals and bird have their children and they have not got! Boring! Adam and Eve ate a forbidden Apple, after that their life out of Heaven became more difficult 
but not boring…


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«The Marriage of Figaro»

Following Beaumarchais, who adored all kinds of jokes and dressing,
Director Boris Konstantinov will show the well known play as… the first rehearsal
of the famous theatrical masterpiece. Traveling artists – puppeteers gathered
in a rustic burn to rehearse fashionable Comedy. They have to show it to the Spanish
grandee in his castle, who actually ordered this performance. The head of the artistic
troupe gives the actors their roles and starts to rehearse, attracting to the theatrical action… all horned, tailed and feathered inhabitants of the barn. The plot is unchanged! Figaro, the Count's valet is – happy! Today he is going to marry Suzanne, but the wedding worries turn into delicate situations, that change all the plans and drive all mad. The end of this story, you will learn, after watching the performance «The Marriage of Figaro».

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