A Wife got her Husband to Paris

A Wife got her Husband to Paris

Small stage

1 hour without intermission

Puppet tragicomedy based on the story-fate of V. Shukshin

In this chamber performance based on the story of Vasily Shukshin, puppets and artists work shoulder to shoulder in order to show the poignant story of a great love that turned into a great sorrow.

What is left to do when the love boat, as a saying goes, has crashed against the everyday? How do people who were recently in love suddenly turn out to be complete strangers? And why, having understood this, they do not let each other go, but continue to suffer? Artists and puppets act out this story on a tiny stage, at arm's length from the audience. Such proximity, marvellous sincerity of the actors and fragile poignancy of the puppets make the story appear to be even more affecting and bitter.

Boris Konstantinov: “When I was writing the play, I wanted to understand whether it is possible to reveal the author's intention without direct illustration of the text. Whether it's possible to protect Kolka, to give more value to the fate of a little man in this intimate visual narration, or even to make an attempt to prevent the protagonist from opening the gas valve.

But Shukshin is merciless. The ending will be the same and all we can do is to fight for the hero's soul. At times when the ultimate challenge is not the fear of death, but the fear of a meaningless life".


Premiere Date: 
27 December 2018


Writer and director

  • Boris Konstantinov honored Artist of the Russian Federation, recipient of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask"

Arrangement and music author


Валя Паратова


Нина Паратова



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