Upon the pike's will

Upon the pike's will

Small stage

1 hour 20 minutes with intermission

Play by E. Tarakhovskaya in two acts based on Russian folk tales.

Sergei Obraztsov's performance  is based on thre Russian folk tales - «Upon the pike's will», «The Unsmiling Tsarevna» and «The Dance Squeezebox». It brings joy to young viewers for more than 80 years! Today's viewers will also appreciate the amusing plots and funny glove puppets.

«Many theatres, such as the Moscow Art Theatre, have their own «Seagull» - a performance that the theatre considers to be their credo. It so happened that our «Pike» (that is how we call the play «Upon the pike's will» for short) became our «Seagull» - said Sergei Obraztsov.


Premiere Date: 
13 November 1936


Director - stage director



В спектакле заняты:

Mechanical puppets
Nikolay Solntsev



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