Our Chukokkala

Our Chukokkala

Big Stage

1 hour 15 minutes with intermission

The performance is based on Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky’s fairy tales which are beloved by hundreds of children: «Telephone», «Cockroach», «Moidodyr» and «Barmaley».

The performance has been on stage for more than half a century, and still gathers full house. This fact suggests that it is no longer only literary, but also theatrical classics. This is a nostalgic performance that connects generations. People who watched it 20-30 years ago now show it to their children.

Huge puppets allow audience to perfectly see what is happening on the scene even from the last row. Well, the puppets just make a lasting impression on the viewers- the crocodile really eats Barmalea, and Moidodyr’s tap really pours water.

The voice of Sergei Obraztsov himself can be heard in the performance!




Premiere Date: 
23 December 1973


Stage Designer



Director of Revival

Assistant Designer


Ждем вас в театре всегда!