The Girl From Leningrad

The Girl From Leningrad

Small stage

1 hour 25 minutes without intermission

This is an honest but careful conversation with the audience about topics that are difficult to talk about, but that should not be forgotten - about the war, about the blockade of Leningrad. Little girl Valya suffers through the most terrible days of her life.  Her house is destroyed. All that is left of it is an old wardrobe where Valya huddles together with the Household deity - Timofeich, the only defender she has.

Phantasmagoria and reality, theatre and cinema, touching puppets and dreadful footage of military chronicle - everything is intertwined in this anti-war performance. There are no passionate monologues or eloquent statements, but after watching this performance it becomes absolutely clear that there is nothing heroic about war.  And our most important task is to avert war from ever happening again.

Premiere Date: 
22 April 2015


The authors

  • Boris Konstantinov honored Artist of the Russian Federation, recipient of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask"
  • Alexey Shishov recipient of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask"
  • Denis Shadrin recipient of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask"

The performance features music by the band "Splin"

The performance was created in collaboration with the Cube Theatre-Studio (executive producer Salam Kubaylat). 

The play premiered on May 8, 2008 in St. Petersburg

The new version of the play premiered on the Small Stage of Obraztsov Theatre on April 22, 2015


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