"ORIGINS" Festival

“ORIGINS” Festival



The International Festival “ORIGINS” at the Obraztsov puppet theatre is an international project that represents our cultural heritage in the form of puppetry. The original source of the world’s fairy tales and legends, mythos and epos, ritual and farce nourish the art of puppetry in the 21st century.
In the year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, the International Festival “ORIGINS” presents national images of the peoples of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world in the form of puppet theatre. The variety of forms is simply grand – epic poems and fairy tales, farce plays and nativity scenes, ancient rituals and street folk comedies by Pulcinella, Punch and Petrushka.
Puppet theatre is a time machine, a unique model of national images of the world.  To hear the music of the wind and the voice of the ancestors, the choir of the mystery rites and the laughter of Petrushka -  our Festival assembles puppeteers from around the globe and their spectators!
Dates of the International Festival “ORIGINS”  are from 2 to 12 September 2022
Professional theatrical groups are invited to participate, regardless of the form of their organization or geographical location.  The main theme of the festival is the artistic representation is the so-called “code of the nation” in the puppet theatre, a representation of national cultural traditions and epitomes of the world.



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