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About the theatre

Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov was founded September 16, 1931. September 14, 1981, Obraztsov Puppet Theatre was granted the title of "academic" and became Central State Academic Puppet theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov.

The establisher of the theatre is the prominent Russian artist, actor, director, painter and writer - Sergey Obraztsov. As a remarkable painter, 
a disciple of A. Arkhipov and V. Favorsky, one of the leading actors in the musical studio of the Moscow Arts Theatre, a founder of a whole artistic school of "parody in puppets", a splendid writer (he is an author of about 20 books), a screenwriter and a prominent public figure, Obraztsov directed his theatre until the last days of his life. Here he staged 61 plays, including such famous performances as "An extraordinary concert", "Aladdin and the enchanted lamp ", "At the rustle of your eyelashes", "The devil's mill", "Don Juan" and many others.
During eighty years of its existence Obraztsov Puppet Theatre has turned into the biggest Centre of Puppet Art, a unique Academy of Puppet Art and Palace of Arts for children, youths and adults. There is no such theatre in the whole world. Being the only one recognized by everybody, registered in well-known reference-books, dictionaries and encyclopedias (including the famous book of Guinness), it is an invaluable national property of Russia. 
Sergey Obraztsov taught several generations of brilliant actors, directors, scene painters, artists and play writers of the puppet shows. All of them are working in hundreds of puppet Theatres in Russia and in tens of other countries. 
During many yeast the theatre was growing, its company increasing, artistic workshops coming out and the theatre turning into a world centre of puppet art. In 70s of the XX century theatre moved to an architectural complex built specially for it and which is located on 3, Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, Moscow Russia. 
Today Obraztsov Theatre is two buildings with a picturesque garden inside and a unique puppet clock on it.  Here is the large and chamber halls with up-to-date equipped stages, museum of theatrical puppets, artistic studios, rehearsal-rooms, workshops. Special for our spectators there are many aquariums with exotic tropical fishes, good buffets, green-rooms and winter garden. There more than 300 people work, create, perform.
Obraztsov theatre is a unique theatre, receiving more than 1500 spectators every day. Moreover, Obraztsov puppet theatre is a place for puppet exhibitions and expositions; it is a Theatre where international puppet festival, conferences, meetings are hold on. To sum up, Central State Academic Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov is the centre of the international movement of puppeteers. 
Obraztsov Theatre is a member of UNIMA - The Worldwide Puppetry Organization.
Obraztsov theatre is an International Academy of puppet show art. Theatre disciples and followers work not only in Russia but also in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Korea, Cuba, Italy, Spain, USA, Switzerland and many other countries of the world.