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Central State Academic Puppet Theatre named after S.V. Obraztsov is known in Russia and to the whole world like the Obraztsov’s Theatre. 
The Theatre is very famous not only for its performances, but also for the Museum of theatre puppets. 
The Museum, recently celebrated the 70th anniversary, is one of the biggest theatre puppets collections of all famous systems from the ancient world to our times. Museum has the unique historical materials about the puppet theatre in the world and in Russia:  bills and posters, theatre programs, sketches of decorations and clothes, drawings, manuscripts, photographs, slides and negatives images, video materials and films, private funds and the archives of the Obraztsov’s theatre.
Museum collections include:
- The traditional Western and Eastern puppet art. 
- Antique marionettes, Italian altar creeps of XIV- XIX centuries, knights and musketeers of Sicilian and Belgian theatres perform us the world of theater puppets in Western Europe.
- Puppets of the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, Polish and Hungarian “Christmas-crib”, Spejbl and Hurvinek of Josef Skupa - the Czech puppeteer, represent us the Eastern Europe. 
- Oriental Art is performed by puppets of “Tsam” - the Mongolian Buddhistic rite; “Tazie” - the Iranian memorial mystery; puppets of the Indian, Chinese, Turkish and Indonesian shadow theatres, puppets of Bunraku – the Japanese theatre, and the Vietnamese show-boat. 
- There is a comprehensive collection of the European and Oriental folk and satirical puppets of XIX – XX centuries.
The biggest exposition of our Museum is devoted to the puppet theatre in Russia. Apart from the “Christmas-crib”, there are the show marionettes and Petrushka of Ivan Zaytsev - the last street puppeteer of the Russian Empire. You can see here the puppet collections from the Russian “Silver age” designed by Mikhail Dobuzhinskiy, Vladimir Favorskiy and Pavel Pavlinov. Also you find in our Museum collection the first stick puppets in Russia from the Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” piece that were designed by Ivan Yefimov and Nina Yefimova. Also, you can enjoy the puppets from the first Soviet Theatres and the front amateur performances of the World Wars I and II periods; to see puppets from the programs of the Obraztsov Theatre and the other puppet Theatres in Russia, to find the folding-screen and puppets from the solo performances of Sergey Obraztsov. And only our museum can present the recent sensational finding – puppets and folding screen made in France specially for the home theatre of Alexey, the crown prince of the Russian Empire, the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II’s son.
Our Museum has a big collection of theatre puppets of XX century from over 50 countries. 
Our museum is not the lifeless collection of puppets. You can look on puppets in playing and to see how the actors operate the puppets, and to study the mechanism of puppets. There are 3 (three) chamber-performances in the Museum repertoire, that received universal recognition at the international exhibitions and festivals.
“Princess on a pea” and “Thumbelina” – mono-show versions of the H.K. Andersen’s fairy tails, that performed by O.Belenkova and honoured Russian artist E.Babaeva. At the small stage of our theatre there was a premiere performance “Hedgehog’s happiness” after the S.Kozlov’s fairy tails. The collection of the most famous performances - “The Best of Obraztsov” –– is still very popular for a long time. 
We have the permanent exhibition in the Theatre building, we organize excursions, research, consultative and methodic works, accept specialists and students on work experience. Annually the Museum exhibitions are attended by 250,000 people. 
The Museum exhibitions are successfully displayed in our country and abroad. With the assistance of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation our Theatre is carrying out a big cultural project “Central State Academic puppet theatre – to the regions of Russia”. Our museum displays its puppet exhibitions of the biggest Russian Museums: Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Our puppets were exhibits in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Republic of Korea, Iran, France, Greece, Portugal, USA, and Peru. Only in 2009 we visited Spain (Tolossa), Serbia (Subotica and Novi Sad) and Italy (Forte-dei-Marmi). 
Our Theatre is an integral part of the modern “museum boom”. Big variety of the puppet exhibitions in the Theatre Puppets Museum is a combination of the native and global puppet theaters traditions. Our puppet collections are in great demand as well as the best performances of the Theatre.