Obraztsov Apartment-Museum


Memorial Museum-Apartment of
S.V. Obraztsov

Memorial Museum-Apartment of S.  Obraztsov was created on the initiative of his children — Natalia Sergeevna and Alexey Sergeevich.

It is located in the house of actors of the Moscow Art Theater on Glinishchevsky Lane. Many artists whose names glorified the Russian culture of the XX century lived there.

Obraztsov jokingly called his apartment "My Cabinet of Curiosities", because it is "inhabited" with theatrical puppets, folk toys and masks which the great puppeteer collected during his life.

The exposition of the memorial apartment also includes a collection of antiques and extraordinary objects. There are mechanical automatic theaters of the 17th-19th centuries and a home library, which includes the rarest antique and modern books autographed by celebrities.

The original furnishings, and some of the traditions that have developed during the life of the owner are almost entirely preserved in the apartment.

A tour can be booked by phone: 8 (495) 699 55 53, 8 (495) 650 43 69




5/7, Glinishchevsky lane, sq. 97, Moscow

Terms of the visit:

Visiting is possible only as part of a tour group

Entrance fee - 400 rubles

Apartment-Museum tour


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