Tour of the
Museum-apartment of
S.V. Obraztsov

Duration of the excursion: 

50 minutes

You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of life and work of Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov. 
Theatrical puppets, folk toys and masks from different countries, antique furniture - all this is waiting for you to listen stories about their owner.
The original furnishings, and some of the traditions that have developed during the life of the owner is almost entirely preserved in the apartment. There, in the office, you can see a guitar which Obraztsov used to accompany himself, performing his favorite romances.
Memorial Museum-Apartment of S. Obraztsov was created on the initiative of his children — Natalia Sergeevna and Alexey Sergeevich.
It is located in the house where many artists whose names glorified the Russian culture of the XX century lived. Memorial Museum-Apartment of S. Obraztsov, just like the theater named after him, is a national treasure of Russia.

The price of the tour is 400 rubles.
Duration: 50 minutes

To order an excursion, call by phone: 8 (495) 650-43-69, 8 (495) 699-55-53 or send a request


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