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VIII Festival

VIII Festival

«The Soul of the People»

The Soul of the People is a performance experience halfway between puppet theater, a lecture and a documentary film.
A passionate defender of puppets comes on stage to talk about ancient traditions, teachers without disciples, collectors, about the different ways of constructing puppets, and to pass on this vocation to younger generations of different cultures; all this rich puppet heritage is a perfect metaphor for human life. Contemporary puppets are combined with those from ancient traditions, a live actress – with numerous videos, creating a grand contrast between distinct forms of expressions. The Soul of the People is a call for respect, a love confession to the art of puppetry.


Mathilde is a very old lady. Life is getting hard to bear.
She remembers vividly what happened in her life 60 years ago, but now she keeps forgetting where she has put things.
She keeps blaming the nurses of stealing from her.
But not only Mathilde is suffering. Lucie, the new patient, arrives at the home. She has lived all of her life with her brother.
The management has other things on its mind. How can they maximize the home's profits?
They have a golden idea: give all the patients mobile telephones. They can telephone for help, so there is no more need for a nurse in the home after visiting hours. It is no problem that the patients do not know how to use a mobile telephone: no calls, no worries. 


Paris, 17th February 1673, Jean-Baptise Poquelin (also known as Molier) plays main part in ‘The Imaginary Invalid’. In the middle of the show he gets a suffocating cough which makes his performance more convincing. Few hours after the show he dies. Neville Tranter – inspired by this anecdote – created a show about one of the most outstanding actors and playwrights. Performance which deals with a man standing between his unwavering faith in the great ideals and an attempt to fit into difficulties of everyday life. Molier wanted to utterly sacrifice himself to art but there were too many factors against it: lack of money, poor actors, spoiled wife, fragile health and ‘important persons’ better to avoid. Molier always dreamt about spectacular roles, but because of his speech defect, he was condemned to comic characters. Only he – the master – could make tragedy of life wear comic costume. 

Andrash Lenart's show

It is a simplified, miniaturised version of Creation. András Lénárt uncovers his God, a troll-like figure, in a mound of fine sand whence life springs. He unearths two tiny figures, one male and one female, draws them together under a tree, under which, as the sequence draws to a close, dangles, an apple.
It is an inversion of HAPPY DAYS. There is an atmosphere of Beckett surrounding this prelapsarian piece. All is accomplished in twenty minutes, on a space he size of a card table, lit by candles. God is no more than a little finger. The technique or manipulation /the figure is controlled by wires from the back/ is exposed – Lénart’s dexterity serves simply to enhance the sense of wonder.”

«Little wizards»

In every country, in every town, in every neighborhood, on every street lives at least one weird old man who can not smile. He doesn't like ice cream, he doesn't like flying kites, doesn't like playing football or playing with kids and even less than he likes to talk to his neighbors. What is that about? About the weather...let's say. He doesn't like anything or anyone and...probably this is why he is this grumpy. And maybe this is how he will be...unless some day little wonders start happening in his gray life...
„Little wizards“ is a fun story about love, goodness and our wish to change the world.

«North Sichuan Puppet Collection»

North Sichuan Puppet Collection is featured by less word, more action and applicability to all ages. The show is an integration of arts resource of North Sichuan puppet and makes full use of its artistic features to bring a feast of arts for audiences by combination of various skilled programs.
In the North Sichuan Puppet Collection, audiences can appreciate the unique modeling, performance and art features of north Sichuan puppets. The 1.6m puppet looks like a real man and is exquisitely modeled with flexible five sense organs. It can blow out/light up a lamp, kowtow and bow, tie a manteau, change face and spit fire. It can dance with sleeves of 5m, and write and paint as we do. 


Whatever the political system in which they operate, artists and men of authority have complex interdependencies that may become problematic or intractable.
We question these relations focusing on paroxysmal position of the dictatorship, to better understand the diversity of artistical response to power.

«Bag lady»

«Bag lady» is a story of a lonely woman who plays using the simplest objects to build her own world.
Alone, with the whole body, exploring the wordless poetry of silence, each plastic bag becomes a different character in her hands, and as a gift, will take us to discover and live different moments, all built with white plastic bags.

«Once upon a time…two feet!»

Like most people Veronica Gonzalez has got 2 feet...but her feet are special: they amazingly transform into characters of their own, every time she raises them to the sky.Using her arms ,legs and ever her head, Veronica Gonzalez manipulates puppets using every part of her body. It’s hard to believe this lively puppet show is entirely performed by one woman. Take a closer look and notice that one puppet’s face is the bottom of her foot! But the story played by such expressive characters quickly steals the attention and lures the audience into the show and you almost fell as though Poyrozuionaire watching an animated cartoon. Every one is welcome to this heartwarming puppet theatre transcending language and enjoyable anywhere around the world.

«About Ram»

As the name suggests, the performance is about Ram, the prince who is sent on a long journey far away from his home when he is exiled by his father along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. Sita is kidnapped by Ravan the king of Lanka and kept prisoner. As Ram sits by the ocean looking at Lanka across its vastness his life flashes by, he feels powerless and dejected as he longs to fly across the ocean to his beloved Sita. The puppeteers help him by projecting his desires into the mask of the super hero Hanuman which attaches itself to Rams face, at one turning him into a super powerful simian who leaps across the ocean and reaches Sita.

«Night Concert»

The basic idea behind the project is the interaction between two people, between instrument and puppet/material and between music and movement. The compositions span a range from Baroque to Atonality to Jazz The appearances of the puppets create a unique contact with the soul of music.

Frank Soehnle developed from different materials, forms and techniques figures and pictorial languages, which communicate with the music in different ways. They reinforce the musical message, join the compositions or contrast them and allow a new perception of the music.
The thematic starting of this night concert in the form of the "Nocturnes" is reflected in the figures and creates a nocturnal universe of dreams, shadows and phantoms.