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«The Scarlet Flower»
24.09.2017 12.30 «The Scarlet Flower» 6+

The youngest merchant’s daughter couldn’t even imagine how her big dream would become true. From far overseas countries her father brought her the promised gift – the desirable scarlet flower, which was the most beautiful flower in the world. The merchant gave his word of honor and had to pay a great price for it. To save her father from all misfortunes, - she left her birthplace voluntarily, expecting to find herself on a mysterious island, in a wild thicket.
But miraculously she saw an entranced beautiful garden, with never yet seen animals – birds, where the scarlet flower brightly shined. Where the host is a terrible Beast…
One of the reasons why the Theatre decided to stage the famous story of the Russian writer Sergey Aksakov - is to tell us about true love and big sacrifice, that a kind heart can do miracles. In the performance of Boris Konstantinov  -  simple human feelings, loving care and sincere compassion creates the entranced garden and determine the fate of the terrible host.  

24.09.2017 15.00 «Tsar-Maiden» 6+

The story opens a seaside  palace of the beautiful Tsar - Maiden and her birthday day. That day many uninvited  guests came there: the Chinese Imperator, the Greek King Odyssey, the knight arrant of Biribi and other heroes. 

This story is the first that had been published in Russia for the puppet Theatre. It was written in 1837 and never staged before. 
A prominent Russian  writer Vladimir Odoevsky published this story specially for the puppet theatre. He became known as the "Russian Faus".
Odoevsky wrote a  story – puzzle for children. He made a muddle of the heroes, periods, costumes absolutely intentionally. Viewers have a chance to be involved into the puppet story about Tsar Maiden and to take part in it and unriddle all the puppet rebuses. 

«Three Little Pigs»
26.09.2017 12.30 «Three Little Pigs» 0+

World famous and favorite fairy tale about three brothers – plumpy pink pigs with funny tails! In our puppet story everything begins with the beautiful weather, shining sun on a blue sky, fragrant flowers on a green grass. Naughty Nif –Nif and Nuf – Nuf love to have a lot of fun every day, they love to sing, dance and doing nothing. «What a piggery!» -  offended by brothers Naf – Naf.
His is always busy with some work. 
Only the bravest little spectators will see the incredible adventures of three little pigs and learn why the house for a little pig must be a fortress!
The end of our puppet story will be the famous song – «We’re not afraid of the gray wolf!»

«Cute Hedgehog»
27.09.2017 12.30 «Cute Hedgehog» 0+

The first story is about Alyonka and her curious Goose Dorofey. An artful Fox stole and hid a Goose in a stolen House. A cute Hedgehog lived in this House, but an artful Fox kicked Hedgehog away. With the help of small viewers Alyonka and Hedgehog found a way to wrap an artful Fox around finger!
The second story tells about honour and dignity and teach never peacock and laugh at your friends!
 “Cute Hedgehog” is a performance for the youngest spectators. Green forest , lovely flowers and other colorful decorations invite our small spectators together with Alyonka to the magic world and meet with the forest dwellers.
You will enjoy kind and charming puppets, inspiring and dynamic story!

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