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«Cute Hedgehog»
27.05.2017 11.00 «Cute Hedgehog» 0+

The first story is about Alyonka and her curious Goose Dorofey. An artful Fox stole and hid a Goose in a stolen House. A cute Hedgehog lived in this House, but an artful Fox kicked Hedgehog away. With the help of small viewers Alyonka and Hedgehog found a way to wrap an artful Fox around finger!
The second story tells about honour and dignity and teach never peacock and laugh at your friends!
 “Cute Hedgehog” is a performance for the youngest spectators. Green forest , lovely flowers and other colorful decorations invite our small spectators together with Alyonka to the magic world and meet with the forest dwellers.
You will enjoy kind and charming puppets, inspiring and dynamic story!

«A little puppy, walking on the street»
27.05.2017 14.00 «A little puppy, walking on the street» 6+

Our musical performance consists of poems for “former children and future adults”, composed by two amazing storyteller and poet – Vadim Levin and Renata Muha. 
This story happened in the dream of a little boy Aleshka on the eve of his birthday. His heroes are birds and animals, rain and puddles, snowmen and wondering puppy, night secrets and childhood dreams. And the main hero is - a little boy Aleshka.
His is a very happy boy: next to him are his daddy and mom, grandma and grandpa. A big and happy family - living all together. And all of them are - redheads. Sunny people! Aleshka loves to play and to fool around, to sculpt snowmen and to jump
in puddles! And in the evening to nestle next to daddy and together to read books.
To open the book and on the wings of the pages to start the travel! To have a walk
on the roofs, to sink to the bottom of the ocean, to hide in a dense forest and to reach the moon… To dream about a puppy… 
 “But most of all, however, I like my lovely puppy –
 blusterer and nipper, but the most faithful friend!”

28.05.2017 12.30
Divine Comedy
28.05.2017 18.00 Divine Comedy 12+

«Our Divine Comedy has no relation to an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri. Our Divine Comedy was written by the dramaturge Isidor Shtok. 
The idea of the performance is based Jean Effel’s paintings “The Creation of the World”. Effel's paintings are easily readable, fresh, humorous and novel,  and show the author's view of the world creation. Using  iconographic scenes оur performance opens a story of fall from grace. 
The God created Adam and Eve and settled them in the Heaven. They lived there very good, but only one thing the life in Heaven is boring. Animals and bird have their children and they have not got! Boring! Adam and Eve ate a forbidden Apple, after that their life out of Heaven became more difficult 
but not boring…


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