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29.03.2017 14.00 «Buratino» 6+

«An idea of “The golden Key” by Aleksey Tolstoy was taken from Italian fairy tale “Pinocchio” written by Carlo Collodi. But the adventures of Buratino and Pinocchio are quite different. 
In our performance tree roles are played not by puppets, but by people: these are Papa Carlo, Karabas and the King. An actor, playing Buratino, changes his voice with the help of a special whistle (pischik), and speaks in the manner of the Russian Petrushka»


«Vaska the Cat and the friends»
30.03.2017 11.00 «Vaska the Cat and the friends» 6+

The young spectators and their parents can watch a story, created on the basis of the Russian fairy tales written by Vladimir Lifshits. It is almost suspenseful detective story.
Once upon a time there live an old man and an old woman. One day they cooked tasty pancakes and wanted to make a feast of them, but suddenly sour cream disappeared! How to guess where is it?
An interesting puppet performance for children, directed by the honoured artist of Russia Andrey Dennikov – a laureate of “Triumph” Award, is a funny musical fairy tale about the adventures of the cute Vaska the Cat and its friends.
Cat, Lamb, Cock-a-doodle-doo, an old man and old woman – all these puppets play a story about  the tricky Cat, its faithful friends and their adventures.

30.03.2017 14.00
«Our Chukokkala»
31.03.2017 11.00 «Our Chukokkala» 0+

A theatrical album in two acts staged after the fairy tales of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky : «Phone»,  «Cockroach», «Moidodyr», «Barmaley»

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