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«Gulliver’s Travels»
23.01.2018 14.00 «Gulliver’s Travels» 6+

Fantastic puppets variations after the roman of Jonathan Swift

A Britain writer of the XVIII century Jonathan Swift was an ardent admirer of the puppet theatre.
He wrote: 
«The life of man to represent, 
And turn it all to ridicule, 
Wit did a puppet-show invent…» 
A surgeon to the ship Mister Lemuel Gulliver has been telling us his singular adventures almost 300 years!
More than 50 specialty puppets were created for this performance: rod and flatbed puppets, machine puppets: giants legs, hands and head. 

«Cute Hedgehog»
24.01.2018 11.00 «Cute Hedgehog» 0+

The first story is about Alyonka and her curious Goose Dorofey. An artful Fox stole and hid a Goose in a stolen House. A cute Hedgehog lived in this House, but an artful Fox kicked Hedgehog away. With the help of small viewers Alyonka and Hedgehog found a way to wrap an artful Fox around finger!
The second story tells about honour and dignity and teach never peacock and laugh at your friends!
 “Cute Hedgehog” is a performance for the youngest spectators. Green forest , lovely flowers and other colorful decorations invite our small spectators together with Alyonka to the magic world and meet with the forest dwellers.
You will enjoy kind and charming puppets, inspiring and dynamic story!

«Ali Baba and the forty thieves»
24.01.2018 17.00 «Ali Baba and the forty thieves» 6+

This fairy tale was born in the place where every day the sun is shining brightly and happily. This fairy tale was born in the beautiful East. For many years she travels around the world, hiding in hurdzhunah, hanging on the donkey’s Bekir back. His master is a humble Muzrab Agha – a puppeteer, or as in the East says – kugrchakboz – narrates us stories about good and evil, about different people living in the world – good and bad. But as in every real fairy tale - there are more good people – good always triumphs over evil.

 «Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp»
25.01.2018 14.00 «Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp» 6+

A piece by Nina Gernet, a classical puppetry playwriter, was written after Arabian fairy tales «One thousand and one nights». Initially this romantic love story was addressed to adults.
«Aladdin’s Magic Lamp» is one of the most wonderful performances of the Obraztsov Theatre. You will see an oriental city with the golden palaces, 
a parade of marvelous rod puppets, a fabulous transformations and a magic fantasy. You will meet with severe Genie and the Lion - the Lord of desert. You will enjoy a romantic love story of Aladdin and the princess Budhur. A brave Aladdin entered the struggle for the love with the insidious Vizier and fought through every hardship.
We celebrated the 70th anniversary of «Aladdin’s magic lamp» in 2010 year.

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